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The Story of

Diego Cousillas

My work is the reflection of my love and dedication for art, of experimentation and the permanent search for contrast, but also for harmony. It is an exploration of the past, nourishing myself with personal and everyday stories of a time that is gone, or perhaps not. For this reason I am focused today on a theme of our own. Painting what I remember as a child by stories of my elders, my neighborhood, the city of Montevideo and experiences saved from those nights of bowling that I only saw peeking, after having a snack with friends, in one of those music, dance and glasses, which obviously because of my young age, I saw when I left, turning my head from my mother's hand, when they discovered me and it was time to go home. Little by little the light of day began to give way to the small bulbs and the reflection in a large tin bar revealed the change of those glasses of milk for more spirited glasses that were waiting to temper ruffles and remove adolescent shyness. That is why my works reflect tango, its music, its dance, the murga, that inexhaustible carnival and endless colors, but also everything that surrounds, the night, the bowling alley, the cocktail bars, its people and its experiences.

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