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The Story of

Manuel Paz

Self-taught plastic artist born in Buenos Aires in 1977.
Scenographer by profession. He has worked in several sculpture and scenography workshops.
For several years he has been developing his work as an artist in different disciplines such as painting, muralism, illustration and writing.
His work is based on the idea of considering reality as a construction created by the one who observes it.  The limit of his creation, then, is set by the intuition of both the artist and the viewer. In his works he preserves the idea of reality, but without copying it; hence the use of geometry. In this geometric language he prefers flat frontal forms to the illusion of volume; without taking into account the external proportions, that is, the dimensions and relationships of real objects to each other. Dimension marks a hierarchy to obtain a harmonious but arbitrary relationship. He builds schematic forms, stripped, with pure lines that interact with each other, creating objects and characters involved in multiple situations. It is in the development of these situations where the playful spirit emerges, giving the work a distinctive stamp.
The techniques used reflect to his many years of training in different scenographic workshops and to his spirit of permanent search. Drawing is always the basis of the work.
The language of his art is of extreme simplicity, like those of children, pure artists, who wish to represent in their works the essential. This characteristic simplicity of his proposal is what allows the viewer to be the final creator of the work, together with the artist.

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