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The Story of

Juan Cavia

 Juan Cavia has been working as a production designer and Illustrator since 2005. He studiedfilm direction and made his first professional steps in the this field as a storyborder, using his knowledge in academic drawing, discipline in witch he was formed since he was a child and for many years, , with the comic book artist Carlos Pedrazzini.

At the age of 21, he started to work as an art director and from those days until now he has made more than 200 tv ads, videoclips from awarded artists, set designs for theater and has been part of 10 feature films as a producion designer and  set designer, including 'the secret in her eyes' ( foreign language film Oscar award winner ).

Simultaneously Juan has developed his carrier in illustration and as comic book artist. In this field we may highlight he's collaboration with the Portuguese musician and scriptwriter Filipe Melo, with whom he has published 7 graphic novels in Europe and USA

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