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The Story of

Diego Piriz


Diego Píriz was born in Montevideo in 1966. He was trained at the Faculty of Architecture and at the National School of Fine Arts. Metal engraving with Anhelo Hernández, 1990-92 Theater scenography with Carlos Carvalho. Diego Piriz has exhibited individually at the Thomas Cohn Gallery, San Pablo, at the Praxis Gallery, at the Municipal Exhibition Center, at the United States Uruguay Alliance, at the Museum of American Art in Maldonado, at the Museum of Contemporary Art of " El País ", at the Ministry of Foreign Relations, at Galería Latina, Galeria del Paseo, at Galería Aramayo. He has also participated in group exhibitions in BA Art, ARCO Fair, San Pablo Arte, Zona Maco, Art Fair in Mexico, in general with the Paulista gallery Thomas Cohn and in various spaces in Montevideo, (National Museum of Visual Arts), " Identities ", MAC Jorge Chávez Carrillo, Colima, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Mendoza, Córdoba, Rosario, San Pablo and Beijing.

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