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The Story of


Aquiles is an Argentine artist born in 1991. Visual artist focused on reflecting the world in which we live through painting and art in general. He began his artistic career in 2010 when at the age of 19 he decided to dedicate his time exclusively to painting. His strength is muralism but he also illustrates and applies art in different areas and formats such as cinema and advertising since he is an Art Director. Two years ago he started his process of trying to reflect his work in a not so direct way, moving his essence, his palette and his message to a more abstract style.
He painted and exhibited in different cities in Europe such as Barcelona and Berlin, also in La Rioja, Costa Rica and Los Angeles. Today he is preparing an online exhibition, where he will present his ‘Lego’ series that reflects through his large-scale paintings, his childhood, his convictions and his frustrations.

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