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The Story of

Víctor Soldini

For Victor Soldini, working on his artwork is synonymous of play. Every workday feels like the game begins: a game of assembling, disassembling, remembering, drawing. It is not a game of winning or losing, it is a game of pleasure and full enjoyment where memories have a preponderant place. The objective of the game is to enjoy and make people enjoy themselves, letting themselves be carried away by memory, technique, memories and projects. With this game, his workplace or as he calls it "place of play" passes with the passing of the hours to transform into a trade of objects, pens, pencils, paints, papers and emotions that the next day will be transformed again according to the order, the disorder, the lights, the shadows, the overlays and textures. This place of play conditions the simultaneous work on various projects, in some cases, combining techniques, themes or materials. Soldini explains to us how his game plays: "In the case of pen work on kraft paper, I start by drawing some lines on the paper, tracing the original idea briefly and in a very concrete way. Then I fold the sheet into a few parts and begin to work independently on each one of them. As I go forward, I unfold the page, unify, draw new lines, and again fold. This is repeated all the time. The way of working on the work, as well as the elements that they compose it, it is very similar to childhood games; vacations in the country, on the beach, on the street. Experiences that led me (I constantly resort to memory) and lead me to observe, build, locate objects, fold, trace, paint, unfold, change, cut, combine. Sometimes I feel the need to give air to the work, and that's when the works come out with very clear and luminous backgrounds, and depth as a distance.

As admirers of his work, the game that Soldini started continues in our imaginations, creating, awakening and starting gears like those that work in his works.

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