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The Story of

Álvaro Bonilla


Through the ages, ports have had a profound meaning in all the peoples and cultures of the world. Today I try what these ports symbolize for me, through textures, colors and shapes, the port as a starting point. The gestural in the random brushstroke, the matter and the trace left by the spatula looking for infinite nuances. What you see and what you feel. Fresh and salt water like our sea river and all boats, between two waters. The human being cannot be satisfied with surviving, but must navigate, regardless of the consequences, towards the authentic fullness of being. Alvaro Bonilla began his studies of drawing and painting in 1980 in the Continental School Academy, later perfecting in the by Pepe Montes, Andrés Montani and Cléver Lara. workshops His works are in various collections abroad. (Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico, USA, Holland, Belgium, England, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Estonia, Israel). He exhibits permanently in the Art Gallery "Acatras del Mercado".

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