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The Story of

Roberto Tabarez

Roberto Tábarez was born in 1953, he graduated from the National School of Fine Arts with the title of Bachelor of Visual Arts. He has become interested in subjects of art theory and history, attending numerous training and refresher courses. He has made individual and collective exhibitions and his works have been acquired in the local context and in countries such as the US, Italy, Brazil, etc. His work is developed by "thematic series" characterized by the presence of characters immersed in a world of objects that convey a symbolic and existential character. This is how we find "the boats" "the couples" "the bowling alleys" fantastic reminiscences, characters, humanities subject to their singularity, their circumstances, their own universe. His work is developed in a high color palette, since for Tábarez color is a means of connection with the voluptuousness of life and with the possibility of arriving at an expressive abundance. The work is characterized by a non-linear development, guided by the search for a singular communication in each creative experience. Thus, each work contains a narrative identity and an aesthetic search, a challenge that is the engine of his becoming as an artist.

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