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The Story of

Andrés Golfarini

Golfarini was born first in the world, and later in Uruguay, since he affirms that we are all citizens of the world. Since childhood, the proximity of the landscape, the people of the country and the fruit trees in bloom were the influence that later would associate with art. He remembers his first contact with art: that small black and white book by Van Gogh that would take him back to his youth and to remember those fruit trees in bloom. For Golfarini the learning process is continuous. We are always learning, he affirms, "mine has been a bit variable, how do you learn? With a lot of work and mistakes." He was part of the Lara's workshop while trying to forge her own path. He does not believe that he is self-taught since, in his opinion, nobody is: "What artist does not look at or study the great masters?" In his opinion, the true self-taught were the creators of rock art. His great teachers have been conceptually Blanes, whom he looked at and "listened to", Taller Torres and Clever Lara. Velazquez, Manet, Monet, Van Gogh and Antoni Tapies. In all known and unknown artists, if we want, we will find genuine stories in the construction of art, explains Golfarini. In his case the learning process has been slow and very complicated when creating the subject. It is based on the idea of ​​painting thought and for this he resorts to creating his own scale models and imagination. He summarizes his painting as a workshop painting. He is a researcher, lately his concerns are related to the textures and fabrics printed on the canvas.

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