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The Story of

Paula Duró

Paula Duró was born on December 16, 1981, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied Visual Arts at the IUNA (National University Institute of Art) and took courses in Art Direction and Art Assistance for Film and Television at SICA (Argentine Film Industry Union). For the past 12 years, she has been teaching painting and drawing at her painting workshop, La Fuerza. She creates album covers, posters, and visuals for national and international bands.

"Paula Duró's work (Argentina, 1981) combines elements of psychedelia and folklore, creating allegories inspired by the dream world, magic, shamanic practices, and the relationship between humans and nature. Her unique worldview blends elements of Ancient Egypt with indigenous traditions of South America, guiding viewers on an initiatory journey through the timeless wisdom of native traditions. Her scenes are representations of ethereal spaces where multidimensional forces interact with archetypal beings in actions that express the movement of universal energies.

Describing herself as a painter of light and shadow, the Argentine artist's work explores the spiritual realm, the forces of light and darkness that inhabit it, and how humans can integrate these forces and live in harmony with them. Her art encourages us to rediscover the sacred sense of unity we have with the universe and recognize our role and connection to it.

Through her artistic vision, Duró invites us to shape the world with our dreams, actively participating in creation, to no longer be condemned to live in a world imagined by others. By uniting the physical world with the invisible, Paula's art reminds us of the beauty and magic of the planet we inhabit and can be a part of."

Liliana Carpinteyro Director, Maia Gallery

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